Picnic for a first date?

After hours and hours of thinking about whether to do so, you have finally encouraged yourself and sent a message to a girl that you liked for a long time and now it’s time to take her to the first date tomorrow! You’re panicking, and you don’t know where to take her? Maybe going to a nearby coffee shop, some fancy lunch or dinner, or going to the movies doesn’t sound so bad, but you don’t want to be boring and predictable, but innovative and spontaneous?

Simplicity is the key!

As good and useful technology is today, it has taken a big part in modern society, as people have become very alienated and lonely, and are increasingly lacked having an honest conversation, being in touch with nature and breathing clean and fresh air. This is exactly why organizing a picnic is one of the ideas you can rarely go wrong with, especially if the girl is a nature lover; fresh air, birds singing, delicious food in the basket, a comfy blanket, maybe some background music to create extra romance. It can’t get any better than that!

Way to a woman’s heart comes through her stomach!

Let’s take a moment to choose the food you can store for your sweetheart, because, it might be true that a way to a woman’s heart comes through her stomach. Along with good food, you should not forget about a drink that you will toast with, as a reminder of the perfect date; maybe it even adds some extra passion! If it’s not too hot, a glass of wine is an unmistakable choice, and if you’re not a fan of alcohol, cool yourself with homemade lemonade or orange juice. Avoid fizzy drinks and iced tea as they contain lots of unhealthy sugars and are bad for your health.


After a delicious part of the story, relax and enjoy the wonderful company of the person next to you, disconnect briefly from the chaotic, modern world full of information, and just be present. Staying in the fresh air has many health benefits; you will feel more rested, fresh, and more prepared for the new business task that will bring you back to reality, after a successful first date u both enjoyed.

We wish u much luck, lots of fun and great food!