Things to do on a picnic

Organizing picnics are always fun because the word itself associates with hanging out in the fresh and clean air, beautiful sunny weather, wonderful and varied foods you love the most, refreshing drinks, but let’s not forget the most important: various physical activities that are ideal for family picnics!

It’s not all about the food?

Let’s not fool ourselves, good food is an indispensable part but incomplete without the fun part that follows after small tasty meals, especially if you are having a picnic with your kids, and that is a sport! Actually, a variety of games! There are many choices, and it is up to you to take care of their safety, so they don’t accidentally hurt themselves. If you have a dog, you can bring it along, and play together a game involving the ball, maybe your dog is talented, and turns out to be a better football player than you, who knows?

Activities are good in all aspects

Socializing through physical activities connects the family and strengthens the relationship between parents and children. We are aware that today’s lifestyle is chaotic and fast-paced, especially if both parents are employed, and sometimes we feel that we do not spend enough quality time with our children, so picnics of this kind are ideal because, besides giving our children confidence, they are gaining new experience, with parents relaxing and reminiscing about how nice it is to be childish, playful and carefree just like they used to be!

So, what to do?

So what to do on a picnic? You can do many individuals or group activities. If you like to go solo fishing is a great choice if there is a river or a lake nearby. Riding a bike or hiking is also interesting but not as much as doing group activity as far as we are a concern. Hide and seek, freeze dance or even board games are our perfect picnic activity but you can also sing, play soccer, or even play traditional Italian game of boccie.